• On the following pages,you will find:-
  •  Rovinj Music Artist,Davor Terzic, recorded 2002 Song -S.Tobom u Tebi., and his 2006 song - Zoves me.Also his son Kristian Terzic,who is a Jazz musician,and has his own band.There is a direct link to Croatia Airlines(in English)I Say"Go Croatia Airlines.....Let your taste-buds experience Croatian Wines and Food,..Relax...gentle music & places to see,..Like.......ROVINJ!"You can fly from most European Airports,and in the U.K. LGW & LHR are the main airports throughout the year,for Croatia Airlines.
  • Photo Istria/Rovinj
  • The Croatian Table(Food and where to eat.)
  • Croatian Wine/Beer.(see below for PAG Cheese - imported to U.K.)
  • Some of my Published, "Fact-based"Poems.
  • My 2nd Website:_Direct link,-(see below.)gives Info on other places in Croatia.

    (For those in Sussex, & U.K. needing additional sevices,for transport to airports,or for personal home requirements,my recommendations at bottom of page-personally used .) 


 The Music,is Croatian.

PARTY BAND https://youtu.be/08biNLbF9hs





  Welcome to my first website.

I worked full-time in Health Care,in Eastbourne,East-Sussex,England(which is the town that i was born in,)and therefore I'm not in the Travel Industry.I retired from the N.H.S. 31 July,2018, having worked 40 years 10 months in it.I remain Registered as an Operating Department Practioner (HealthCare Professions Council.)and in December 2018 gained a Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety through the T.U.C./East-Sussex Colleges,Newhaven Campus.I already have an Adult & Further Education Teaching Certificate gained in previous years.

I did a short course in Sensory evaluation of wine at Plumpton College in 2019, with view to expanding knowledge in that field in future years,and wine production.Currently experimenting with vines grown on clay soils.

I have been a Member of St.John Ambulance in East-Sussex,and Gwent,Wales.The British Red Cross, in the County of Kent.

 To quote David Dimbleby,whose Sunday night BBC 2 Series,"How we Built Britain",which ended recently,"This is Polegate,a little town under the South Downs.""Nothing very grand,nothing very beautiful,but it's my home town,and I like it."(Polegate, is where I've lived since 1990.Like Rovinj,in Croatia,it's small too!)


I currently Support the following Charites:-The Royal British Legion,The British Red Cross,The Royal National Life-Boat Institute,The Royal National Institute for the Blind,Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Barnardo's.(In fact,it was through a fund-raising event for this Charity,that my first poem,was published,but more of that later....)

I am currently a member of ,The Royal Society of St.George (Incorporated by Royal Charter:Patron Her Majesty The Queen.) The flag colours of Rovinj Croatia, are the same as St.George,a red cross on a white background!

I have been taking holidays in Croatia(Hrvatska,)since my first visit back in September,1997 when the then,Brighton based Independant Tour Company, Panorama Holidays,went to Croatia(prior to their take-over,by Airtours.)

In 2000,I took my first flight with Croatia Airlines,to Dubrovnik.In those days,they served the in-flight meal with German & French Wine.So, prior to flying to Pula from London-Gatwick in 2001,I emailed Croatia Airlines and informed them that I would rather drink Croatian Wines,and to me,it was Economic sense,especially as Croatia produces very good wines!

I gave them the flight number,two weeks prior to flying.I sat next to a English Vicar,(who at the time was flying from Manchester,via Gatwick, and onto Split,before crossing into Bosnia,every fortnight,to serve our British Troops,on Active Service.)At that time, the Gatwick flight would make a stop at Pula,before flying onto Split.

The wine came.Croatian Red and White Wine,in Individual Bottles.The Vicar,turned too me,and said it was the first time he had ever seen it on a plane.I listened to the comments of fellow passengers,including a Croatian Businessman,who it can be only described,was totally "gob smacked",seeing Croatian wine on the plane!

Croatia Airlines had noted my comments,and acted upon them,-Thankfully!

On reaching Rovinj,and my favourite Hotel,Hotel Adriatic,(the oldest established hotel in the City,)I mentioned about the wine on the flight.Within days,I was asked,by Vesna Terzic(Radio Presenter & Poet,) if I'd go on Radio Rovinj.Professor Medak,Croatian Professor of English,(who runs a language school,in Istria,) was also invited along,to Interview me.

The following day,I received a copy of the recording,(the programme itself,I understand,was on air the following Saturday,after I had returned home.)I copied it at home,and sent it with a covering note,to The President of Croatia.To my surprise,I received a letter back from The Office of The President.In the letter,from which I quote,it said,"We Thank you on behalf of The People,and The Republic of Croatia,for your Economic Co-operation,between our two States".

Later in 2001,I took a holiday to the Makarska Riviera,staying in Makarska town.The wine bottles,from the local wine Co-operative in Split,supplied to the hotel in which I was staying,bore on the back label,"we supply Croatia Airlines".So the Croatian Public were now aware,their National Airline,carried Croatian Wine on International Flights!

In 2002,I made suggestion in Rovinj,that in the U.K. we have beer festivals,and we buy a glass,then we can taste the beers.I suggested that a similar thing could be done in Rovinj,and with wine.The wine festival was always held in February,which seemed pointless,as there were few tourists.Thankfully,my suggestion was noted,and in September that year,Rovino took place.With over 842 glasses sold.In September(2007) over 880 glasses were sold,during the evening of the event!

Since 2001,I have contacted Sainsbury's(2001)Tesco(2002)Sir Richard Branson's ,Virgin Wine Direct(2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009)and The Co-operative Society(2004)( Hopefully soon,Croatian Wines will be accessible to purchase & drink in the U.K,as they were,before the last BALKAN War!(ASDA contacted as Wal- Mart import to the USA.19/6/07-details provided me of UK Asda Wine Buyer.)Most current contact,a local East-Sussex based company, in Hailsham,who have a wine website called "Wine Direct," who even stock wine from India!

(30/5/08)Had contact by phone from Laithwaites,who are to put my suggestion forward to their buyers,to see if they can bring home to the UK, Croatian Wines.(They have had success in Moldovia and other Eastern european Countries in the past years.)

(18/06/08)Have put suggestion forward to Outindrinks.co.uk, to see if they will import Croatian Wines.

(3/04/09)Contacted Waitrose. Informed  they are introducing wines from other "Balkan Countries",during 2009,but not from Croatia.

 Contacted by letter from Laithwaites(8/7/09)asking me for any recommendations of Croatian Vineyards which I have experienced good quality wine from. Have provided them some Info, and that of a Friend  of mine,in Croatian Viticulture & Tourism.Hopefully it won't be too long before Croatian Wine is back in the U.K.!LAITHWAITES DECLINE ON BRINGING CROATIAN WINE TO U.K.- Won't even sample a bottle. They don't know what they are missing!!!!

Franko & Danijela Radovan(Istrian Wine Producers,) have an Export Licence. They produce 4 different wines on their 7Ha Vineyard. They plan to have their wines available to sample at "ROVINO", in Rovinj, (which is usually one or two days before the St.Euphemia Festival day in Rovinj.)

WAITROSE (2010) Import first Croatian Wine.A white wine from the inland area of Croatia near to Zagreb.(I'm told by their buyer, they hope to have more in 2011). Croatian Wines are of Quality and not Quantity Produced, and hence more is kept for home consumption than exported.Hence only Quality Supermarket Waitrose,(part of the John Lewis Partnership,John Lewis PLC,) and a few independants are importing Croatian wines to the U.K.(Croatian wine has been produced for over 2,500 years!)


In the reverse,I contacted Virgin Vie,The Virgin Cosmetics Company,in 2002/03 and was invited by Mr.John Rogers,Chairman/Non-executive Director,to the Company Head Office in Tangmere,West-Sussex,to discuss my idea, for them to export products to Croatia.

Since 2003,I've had produced  a limited run of postcards of my Rovinj photographs.These are given free to tourist's who visit Rovinj,by my Croatian friends.I get a free,world-wide exhibition,and Rovinj attracts more tourist's from around the globe,to help maintain its seasonal economy.

In 2005,I had produced a limited run Calendar,(produced using my photographs of Rovinj,by ABC Cards,Unit 6,Hawkwell Business Centre,Maidstone Road,Pembury,Kent,TN2-4AG Tel:01732 360761)All donations received were given to the University of Rovinj,to purchase new books for the Children's Section of Rovinj's Public Library,where some of my poems,in Anthology Collections can be found,(and they can also be found, in the Public Libraries on the Island of Hvar.)

Poem number 3 is  based on Rovinj and Poem number 7 is  based on the River Mirna,in Istria.

I hope that you will visit Croatia.Start your journey by flying CroatiaAirlines,(see  Rovinj page for a direct link to the english page of their website,)taste the wine,and view their very interesting in-flight video,on what Croatia has to offer.Enjoy...and I'm sure you'll want to visit again, and remember,the in-flight magazine,-you are allowed to take it,should you wish to do so!

At the begining of May 2007,Paul Bondsfield,(Explore,) made contact and I informed him about my website.He wrote back and said(I quote,)"Croatia is high on my list of countries to visit and your website has potentially pushed it up a few places.I'll pass it onto our web-master too for a peek".

Web-master, Paul Goodison,wrote too me and said"I look after our online stuff here at Explore.I would be interested in featuring about the site on our blog site-www.Exploreblogs.co.uk " .

A great honour it is, to have an independent review done,of one's website,especially by experts in  the field of  the World Travel Industry! My website is featured by Paul Goodison,in a short blog,dated 22nd May,2007 on Croatia.

This is my first website,and it inspired me to build a second website,featuring more of  Wonderful Croatia! My new additional website,(click on this website info ),www.essentiallycroatia.com  to be taken direct!You can rejoin this website from the blog page of the 2nd site.

A few words in Croatian / English:-                                                          JEDAN /One                         

BOK/Hi/Hiya/Bye                                                                                          DVA/Two                            

DOBAR DAN/Good Day.                                                                            TRI/Three

HVALA/ Thanks.                                                                                            CETIRI/Four

HVALA LIJEPO/ Thanks very much.                                                             PET/ Five

MOLIM/Please                                                                                                    SEST/ Six

BAR/Bar                                                                                                                  SEDAM/Seven                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

HOTEL/Hotel                                                                                                              OSAM/Eight

TAXI/Taxi                                                                                                                       DEVET/Nine

MORE/Sea                                                                                                                          DESET/ Ten


Recently put forward a suggestion to Maistra/Rovinj to create a first for Croatia, indoor/outdoor bowls facility using part of the site of the old Tobacco factory in Rovinj,without altering the outside of the Austrian-Hungarian buildings.Indoor " English Short Mat" & "American Ten-Pin" with outdoors "french/Croatian Boule" and "English Green Lawn" Bowling.This,if the facility was made available,would give a year-round bowling facility,whilst still keeping the buildings,as the are today,in good order, whilst creating further employment, and providing a new access for bowls clubs -Worldwide, to use.Currently,bowls clubs from the U.K. tend to visit facilities in Spain & Portugal. Croatia,would be shorter flying time!

:(July 2009)Have request to Maistra dd and Rovinj Tourist Association,that they have a "REAL ALE"/Beer/Pivo Festival in September 2010.(or before.) It will be a "First" for Croatia! (3/1/2010)Hotel LONE, Maistra have yet to start building.The site is cleared of the previous 2 star hotel.The only landmark is a pile of blue pipes within the centre of the site.The site is between the existing 4star Eden and the new 5 star, which boasts views of Rovinj.Well your strain your neck looking from your room. Better come down in price,and stay in the Hotel Park, good views of old Rovinj from the front bedrooms,and restaurant. Or stay at Hotel Adriatic,right on the harbour and main square!

 March 2009 I received an email from my Professional College-College of Operating Department Practioners,informing me about the World Health Organisation' s "WASH YOUR HANDS"Campaign,Project Lead,Dr.Cyrus Engineer. I viewed the W.H.O.website and noted that Croatia had not signed up.So I forwarded my email to the Croatian Government. A few weeks later,I received an email copied too me,and sent to Dr.Cyrus Engineer,from the Senior Medical Advisor,Croatian Government,making reference to my email.Attached too this,was an email from Dr.Darko Milinovic,Croatian Minister for Health & Social Welfare,written to Dr.Cyrus Engineer, informing him that I had forwarded his email,and that a Symposium for 300 Health Advisors had taken place in Zagreb,and that the W.H.O. "Wash Your Hands" Poster had been translated from English into Croatian.

September 2009.I made a Professional Visit to KBC-SPLIT(Clinical Hospital Centre-SPLIT,-a State run Hospital,with NO Private Patients)and visited the Ophthalmic Department and Operating Theatres.

Private Patients are catered for in POLYCLINICS,in Croatia,I have been informed.

The Hospital has 9 Clinics & 16 Departments, 24 Operating Rooms(Standard,Endoscopic and Urgent.)All Clinics & departments have 24 hour emergency service & a complete Specialist Consultant in each.The hospital also has over 150 Ambulances,and has approx.,3200 staff.Ambulances have a team of 3.Driver,Doctor,and Nurse/Technician.(Having a separate driver,helps to reduce the stress levels upon the medical team,and allows 2 trained people in the back of the Ambulance,to treat the patient,rather than in the UK, just 1.)The Eye Department has access to 6 Ambulances.

July 2010.Article on my Split visit, published in the magazine "TECHNIC".www.technicthejournal.com/Journal/

On July 10th,2010 in Dubrovnik the Cable Car (which stopped working approx.,19 year's ago,)will start to work again,taking anyone willing to part with 10 Euro's,for the 4 minute ride,up the Mountain.Fantastic views over old Dubrovnik for anyone taking pictures!Each of the two Cable Car's will accomodate 30 people.

September 2010 in Rovinj, World Famous Actor/Actress film for a new movie,to be released around June 2011.(Photo's in Rovinj Gallery @ essentiallycroatia.com)

MAY 2011 .Invited to Excel - London International Wine Event, by Trevor & Judith of
PactaConnect,who are Importers of Croatian Wines,Grappa's & Olive Oil,and
based in Brighton,Sussex
I also met with Bruno Trapan,Ivica Matosevic,OPG-Bozo Bacic,Martina Krauthaker-Grgic and Sinisa Skaberna( who is Marketing Manager) of Degrassi,all of whom are Croatian Wine Producers,and were offering their well made wines for tasting!

  MAY 2011
WAITROSE,via John Lewis,Import for U.K. Sale,PZ Svirce Hvar,Mediterano Plavic
Mali 2008,Hvar,Croatia
.Currently on Special offer-22% off a case until 21 June,2011.Medium bodied Red,Plum,Cherry & Blackberry flavours.Last time i visited vineyard was October 2002.

SEPTEMBER 2011. I hope to be @ "ROVINO",in Rovinj. (Great Evening!!, and will be back for 2012!)

MAY 2012. Croatian Wine to feature at the London International Wine Fair 2012, at EXCEL, London from 22 to 24 May.(Trade & Press only).James Waddell,a Croatian Wine Importer, who runs with his daughter, Croatian Fine Wines Limited, a Swansea based company, will feature wines at Stand 160. He also imports Pilato Wine for Marks & Spencer.

MAY 2012. Croatian Press state that in the United Kingdom,the stores of Marks & Spencer, add a white wine, from the Istrian Wine Producer ,PILATO,to their wine collection. Pilato Malvasia Istarski from Western Istria,retails at £12.49 a Bottle. They already have Goldern Valley Grasvina, from the Krauthaker Winery,from the Slavonija Region,which retails in U.K. Stores at £8.99 a Bottle.(I understand TESCO have at last relised Croatia has some very good wines.If only their Head Buyer had bothered in 2002,they would have been the first U.K. Supermarket Chain!)

JUNE2012. At the 2012 Decanter Wine Awards,65 Croatian Wines were awarded medals. A GOLD was awarded to KUTEVO GRASVINA's 2009 ICE WINE.

July 2012.Maria Sundrica,UK Representative of the Dingac Winery,Potomje,Dalmatia,producer of Quality & Premium Plavac Mali wines,makes contact with me.In 2009 the Premium Dingac won the Decanter Bronze Medal.Further information on my wine page,and at essentiallycroatia.com-SHOP Croatia page.

September 2012. Today(8th September) Franko & Danijela Radovan will pick their grapes. This year,the weather has been very unusual in Istria,very hot.Now( they tell me),it is back to normal,for this time of year.The wine should be very good,from this grape harvest!

May 2013. Croatian Wines receive 95 Decanter Awards. 

May 2013. The London International Wine Fair,at EXCEL,20-22 May,2013.Open to Trade & Press Only.(I'm invited to go.Will be there on May 21st.)

May 2013 At The London International Wine Fair at EXCEL,Mr.Christopher Delalonde,Master Sommelier,Winner of the Sommelier of the year 2010 & awarded The Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle Trophy, tasted several wines at the Croatian Stand,including a range of wines from the small  60000 Bottle producer Ivan Velikanovic of La gradi vino. He  especially was impressed by the Muskat Zuti ,(a dessert wine.)I was present at the time of his tastings.

September 2013. Visited Bruno Trapan,at Sisan,near Pula.Sampled a few wines,and bought a few too! Bruno informs me that the Croatian Wine "Boys",will be in London in October 2013,for a Croatian Wine Presentation,to restaurants & top hotels.Meeting Bruno again in the early New Year, along with a visit to Franko & Danijela Radovan, to try the new red! 

September 2013,Was in Rovinj, for Wine & St.Euphemia Fests. Have recorded the Rovinj Brass Band playing,and added to YouTube.http://youtu.be/7e6r2cvVYck 

December 2013. The Croatian Wine Producers get listed in "HUGH JOHNSON'S Pocket Wine Book 2014,Number One,BestSelling Wine Guide". 

May 2014. Recently in contact with Franko & Danijela Radovan. Have been informed current production around 35000 bottles,which will increase to 50000 in about 3 years time,as Franko increased his acreage 2 years ago,and planted with more vines for his main interest White Wine production.

Also VINISTRA takes place during May,when All cellars of wine producers will be open for visitors to sample & purchase Istrian Wines 

September 2014.I was in Rovinj for the Wine & St.Euphemia Fests. I was commnted upon by the Mayor of Rovinj,to some guests of his(in German,) at the Wine Fest."I see The Englishman is here again!"well it's ,nice to be recognised !! Also met up with local musicians who form" PIRATI "- Music for Mermaids & Butterflies.Henk Verdonschot,who plays Guitar,and Ivica Vucelja, who plays the Accordian.Music of Henk Verdonschot (filmed in Rovinj)Balada(for Manuela)  ,http://youtu.be/UGCuoRnUliA


.I also took a trip to  see Franko & Danijela Radovan.I brought home to the England some bottles of Red Wine(not imported to U.K.,)which will be enjoyed at Christmas!

March 2015.Invited to London Wine Fair(Trade Only,)KensingtoOlympia,2018- May,2015 .(SPLIT has a Wine Fair in May at the Radisson Blu .Morning for Trade,and Afternoon open to the Public,I understand,)

May 2015. Visit to Dalmatin Zagora,Wine Tasting at  Glavota. (photos @essentiallycroatia.com) And re-visiting Makarska..(last was 2001.)

August 2015.Bruno Trapan from Sisan, exports his 2012 CHE to the USA. 

 September 2015.  Wine Tasting, in ISTRA. And in Rovinj in-time for St.Euphemia Fest.Which "Mr.Rovinj", - Mr.Tony Cetinski summed up in his 1993 song "Santa Eufema".https://youtu.be/RGwiPtQx4JU

JANUARY 2016. Spent 8 nights in Rovinj & Istra.Revisited Lovran(last time was 2003.)Found a new venue in Rovinj to stay,-Villa Tuttorotto.(Will be used again.) Currently updating my other website essentiallycroatia.com with further information on Croatia & wine.Further visits to Croatia planned for 2016.Some re-visits & some new.Depending on Harvest time,may be picking a few bunches at Vina Trapan,in September.

MAY 2016. Will be at The 2016 London Wine Fair (Trade Only)3rd,4th,5th,May 2016.Plan to go on the 3rd,and join the "Masterclass""Undiscovered Croatian Wine-Vina Laguna-The Lightness of being Istria". Of course it will not be my first to enjoy Vina Laguna wines, as i have taken the odd bottle back to the U.K. in my suitcase from trips to Istra. However, things never always go to plan,and the 3rd did not happen .So went to LWF on 4th and met in-person the CEO of Laguna and Miss Sabina Salamun,,Enologist,and Sales Manager U.K.(whom was tutoring the masterclass on the 3rd.)On the 4th i got instead a personal tutoring through Laguna's production on display. Hopefully, AgroRovinj whom has run the Rovinjski festival vina in the last few years will send out an invitation and include Laguna dd in the 2016 showcase.Fingers-crossed!

JUNE 2016. A little updating of places to visit required for both my websites, so taking in 2 new destinations  in Dalmatia, this summer on the mainland,though in 3 destinations.Returned to Solin.Went also to the Kastela region and stayed  also in Tisno.The temperature at Tisno was 36C!

SEPTEMBER 2016. Stayed in Sisan,near Pula. The Trapan Winery is in same village.Went to Rovinj in-time for the Wine Festival,on 15th. On 25th returned by Ventura Car Hire to Pula Airport.Flew Croatia Airlines via Zagreb to Split Airport,then picked up and transported to Makarska and stayed(second time,)at Hotel Dalmacija,Took ferry to Sumartin,on Island Brac.Returned home from Split Airport,direct flight with Croatia Airlines to U.K. London Gatwick(South)Terminal. 

APRIL 2017.Trip planned for visit to Bol on Island Brac. Flight planned from London Gatwick(South)Croatia Airlines via Split to Zagreb. Flight from Zagreb to Bol,Brac.Plan to make visit to winery(Long standing invite.).Also take ferry from Bol ,Brac, to Jelsa,Hvar during stay,retracing my visit to area where i last stayed at the then called Hotel Mina(in 2002,)now called Hotel Hvar.Have been invited to 2 wineries near & in Jelsa,Hvar.Also visit to Pitve.(Change of plan,due to personal reasons.Looks like 2018 this trip will have to take place!)

MAY 2017 @ LWF. for a visit.

SEPTEMBER 2017. Trip planned for Istra Croatia.Bale/Valle,Rovinj,Visar,Labin.Also to meet up with my long term Croat friends of 20 years ,and visit a few winearies.Plus the Annual Wine Tasting Evening in Rovinj.A yearly event dating from 2002, and to the Fest of St.Euphemia on the 16th.

SEPTEMBER 2017. I was interviewed by Prof.Medak (whom last interviewed me 9 July ,2001 on Radio Rovinj, with then presenter Vesna Terzic,-photo on website,)whilst he was presenting a feature for Radio Rovinj F.M.on 16th. Now All,know it was not a Croat or Italian's idea for the Wine Fest in Rovinj, but the "idea" came from myself,(The Englisher,)when staying in Hotel Adriatic many years ago!I understand the Broadcast went out live,throughout Istra. 

MAY 2018. Invited to L.W.F. for a visit.(Three Croatian Wineries to feature in a Master Wine Tasting Event on the first day.)

MAY 2018. In Istra/Zagreb on visits

SEPTEMBER 2018. Plan to make visit to a wine producer, in Slavonija,whom i last met in person in 2011 at L.W.F.  and whom had his wine featured as "Guest" wine producer at the Rovinj Wine Fest Evening 2017.He was unable to attend,in person, as was booked for Belgium at the same time. (Then I will be in Rovinj, and Istra, and finally Makarska.)

DECEMBER 2018. Planned visit to Rovinj, to "see-in" 2019! I did see-in 2019 from Rovinj.

SEPTEMBER 2019. Planned visit to Rovinj. Also the Kastela Regional villages,near Split Airport.Vrsar & Novigrad ,Rovinjsko-selo in Istra and two other destinations of Croatia. one visited several times,one never before. updates to both my websites on my return. Croatia Airlines still stock 50cl.PZ Svirce,Hvar "Mediterano Plavic Mali"for sale on-board International flights.The wine,first imported to U.K.by Waitrose,via John Lewis Partnership in May 2011.

MAY 2020. Planned stay in Orebic, and visit to Korcula (both last visited in 1998/1999.)and a few days in Rovinj.(Unfortuantly trip cancelled due Covid-19.)

SEPTEMBER 2020. Kastela Region,Makarska,Velki Gorcia,Rovinj,Novigrad,Kastela Region, in planning stage.

MARCH 2021. Dubrovnik in the planning stage,with possible trip to Orebic,as May 2020 trip cancelled due Covid-19. 








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