Look out for the regional speciality,tartufi(truffles,)usually served with pasta or steak,and risotto and pasta dishes mare monti"sea and mountains",which combine mushrooms and shellfish.The best oysters and mussels are to be found in Limski Kanal,near Rovinj.Of the meat dishes,Istrians prepare the delicious srnetina(venison)stew,usually served with njoki(gnocchi.)Rich casseroles are usually prepared under a cirepnja(in Dalmatia it is called a peka.)

 EATING (Away from your hotel.) VIECCIA BATANA,Trg M Tita 8. The oldest cafe in town,is on the main square,close to Hotel Adriatic and the harbour.Good for morning coffee and Pastries.Ideal for people-watching.


DA BASTON.Situated within a few meters of Rovinj's indoor Fish-market.You can enter from two levels,with its main enterance tucked into a corner of Rovinj's outdoor Fruit & Vegetable Market.This is where you will find locals and  tourist enjoying morning coffee,and later lunch/dinner.What better a place to enjoy the buzz of local life,knowing the produce served will be fresh!The kitchen here is open,so you'll be able to watch your meal being prepared.I recommend the Calamari(which the owner has prepared himself,)grilled with garlic,and served with a seasonal salad,boiled potatoes(how the locals eat,)or with chips!(Also,those who like dark beer, the zagreb ,Tomislav pivo, is freely available here.)(see photo's da BASTON,Market's 2007)


 VELI JOZE.Telephone 052-816337.Although the music is fairly loud,it is highly popular,and is a little more pricey than the average konoba(Inn,)it serves old-fashioned local dishes,such as bakalar(made using dried cod,)and roast lamb with potatoes.Sheep Cheese served with olives is especially good here.If you arrive late into Rovinj (after midnight,)Veli Joze is usually open,and the owners will prepare you something to satisfy your hunger(something which has happened too me,when the Croatia Airlines flight from Zagreb to Pula lands after 23.00.)I can also recommend this a venue for the New Year's Eve Celebrations!(see photo's of Rovinj-New Year 2007.)Good Food!


GOSTIONA "LA VELA",Mazzani 1a, Telephone 052-841-616. Not far from Ullca Carera,in a narrow street.The restaurant,comes with television.(Don't let this put you off.)The food is well prepared,and the kitchen open.I recommend you try Bakalar(made using dried cod,) Tuna Salad, and Beef Steak with Tartufi(Truffles)served with pasta.Bread is freshly baked and brought to your table from the on-site pizza oven.They also make approx., 500 pizza's each day, which can be delivered,should you be renting an apartment in Rovinj.To see a Pizza being made -see attached gallery to this .

 SERGIO ,Grisia. Recommended to me in 1997,and still one of  the best  for pizzas.Why?Not only the size of the menu,but there is less salt in the dough!You can eat inside or on wooden benches in the narrow,hilly street.

DARIO Restaurant -Pizzieria Svakim danom 11-24.vl.Dario Veselic.B.Bozic,3,52210 Rovinj.Tel:052/830 555.Mob:098/480 687

NEPTUN Konoba-Trattoria.J.Rakovca 10.Rovinj. Pren Gjokaj. Email:gjokajpren@gmail.com. Tel:+385/52/816-086. Gsm:+385/91/20 50 121 .First ate here in January 2016.Came back.Well liked by Locals & Tourists. Can sit inside or out.Open Grill & Oven area.Great dishes. Just off Carera street,and behind harbour front.Open in Winter when others are closed. Good Food!