There are up to 200 Varieties of grapes which still can be found in Croatian Vineyards today. However,60 grape varieties are in Commercial production. 3 Main varieties stand out.Grasevina(Gra-she-vi-na)in Continental Croatia. Malvazija Istriana(Mal-va-zia)on the Istrian Peninsula, and Plavic Mali(Pla-vatz Ma-li) in Dalmatia. 
Benkovac /Benkovac Rose/ Coastal Region/ 2005
Bibich./ White /Debit/ North Dalmatia /2003
Bibich /Red /Riserva (cuvee of Babich,Lasin,Plavina.) /North Dalmatia/ 2004.
 Bibich/ Red /Mantra Grenache Reserve /North Dalmatia/ 2004
Bibich /Red /Sangreal Shiraz limited Edition /North Dalmatia/ 2003.
Bolfan vina/Bolfan Wines.
VINARIJA DINGAC.Founded 1902,at Potomje,Dalmatia. In 2009,the Dingac Premium wine won theDecanter Bronze medal.The Dingac Winery in 2009 began reconstruction of the old winery facilities and their adaption for tourism and promotion.Since January 1,2011,the winery has independently begun conquering the market and managering the production and promotion of premium and quality wines.In the same year,the winery already started cooperating with distributers in Croatia,Bosnia & Herzegovina,Poland and the Czech Republic,Japan,Canada and the USA,and is working on expanding its distribution to China,the Ukraine,Russia,Germany,Switzerland,Sweden,Austria & England.
Vines grow on steep hills,and get lots of sunshine during the year.There is dew in the mornings,which keep the vines moist.Vines do not grow on lines,and the soil is very rocky.Therefore grapes picked have good concentration of sugar,which makes them produce good quality wines!
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2 x Quality Wines( Bulk & Bottled) & 2 x Premium Wines,( Bottled,) are offered.

Radovan/Red/Cab-Sav/Istria/2005/2007/2009/2011. Merlot 2007.Malvasia 2011.Refosk 2012/2013
Krauthaker d.o.o.
Kutjevo/Kutjevacki Rose/2008.First Rose produced in Croatia.http:/
Korcula and Peljesac wines
Misna Vina:
Zlatan Otok(Island Hvar)