My first poem to be published in an Anthology,was used to raise funds for the Barnardo's Charity,and is called "EVENING",and was published in 1994.
                            Swallows are flying low,
                            Mosquitoes dance,
                            A late Bumble Bee drones past,
                            Seeking shelter,from this gloaming sky.

                            Children play upon swings and round-a-bouts,
                            Shadows dance with the last rays of light,
                             All the lands a glow.
                             And though the trees,a lake,
                             Upon which a Water-lily gloats,
                             A fisher-person casts their line,
                             Spending but a few moments,
                             To catch the last fish,before supper-time.

                             The wind rises.
                             A passing Badger snuffles the scent of Evening roses,
                             Such exclusive is this fresh air.
                             Distant cries,of a mother's call,
                             Brings Children from their World of play,
                             To warmed beds,too sleep,then dream,of another fine day!

                             The Ball-of-Fire,sinks into a grey mist,
                              Good Night Folks,and God Bless!

                             (c)  Clive.A.Baldwin