My poem "TIME POWER",is dedicated to my late Grandparents.My Grandfather on my late father's side,was the Superintendent of Eastbourne Power Station,till he retired in 1953.During his time,he researched with his brother Roy(who was editor of "Power News"the Electricity Industries Newspaper,)and discovered Eastbourne beat New York,U.S.A. in the race for Public Street Lights!The first displayed to the public,were between The Grand Hotel and Splash Point,which is where the Queen's Hotel is today. In Croatia,Zagreb converted  Public gas lights to Electric in 1907.



 Steam rises upon the wooden towers,

 Droplets fall,caressing the warm and stocked fish pools,

 Turbines Churn!


Gas lights,

 Electric lights,

 Street lights.

 Grand,first, Beat New-York,by time,

 As told by Granddad,every time!


 Air raids on Eastbourne Town,

 Hurricanes and Spits abound.

 Nan,takes the cupboard under-stairs.

Bombs dropped,

Siren sounds,

Camera out.

 Glass-plates record,



Granddad retired in '53,

 The Superintendent was he.

 Certificates and Prizes,for Carrots and more,

 Nan, for her bakes,and cakes,

Those Winter-Garden shows.

 Now, both are sadly gone,

But,for their memories,they still live on!

(C) Clive.A.Baldwin