My poem "OH ROVINJ",was first published in the anthology "All That Matters"ISBN 1862265097,in 1999.


High aloft the tower she stands,tops the Island ,dressed in weathered blue bronze,

 Views all,including the fishermen,long to sea gone.


 Bright blue waters lap the rocks,so clean,-Red Coral grows!

 Much refreshing,to the touch,

May,till October,its so,so hot!


 Warm rains polish 17th Century marble flag stones,

 Not a local moves.

Less the weary tourist,

But, their Plaster-of-Paris,now shows!


 Friendly people they are.

 Be free to walk the streets,even late at night,

Most speak,or understand our language too,

 Pleased too see us back again,in '93,we could have been,

Still,British Tourists,are so few!


Remember Poet,Rovinj is the place,

 Poets and Artists,are treated with such grace,

Including a Fiesta,once a year,

 Your prize,Smoked Cheese, Presented by the Local Mayor!


 Try the library,for you will see,

Those taken time to write(with me,)

Grace the walls,-Anthologies held,so far Three!


 If you are looking for British Fayre,don't come,you won't find it here.

Teran to drink,and Black Beer too,

 And those with "Cast Iron Throats",take a pinch of salt,a slice of garlic,a cube of bread,

Then,"Down the hatch", the local Grappa,

But, don't strike a match!!


Stay anytime of year,Hotel Adriatic!

 Doran and Evelina,greet you by day,

 Views of the harbour,

Take the ferries to Red and Katerina,Islands close by.

 Buy your Booze to take home,Discounts just out of town,

 Market,just down the road,everyday!!

 Take the bus,its a must,

 Go to Pula,where you landed,

Its like being in Rome,but quiter and cleaner.

 So hope to see you in Rovinj,sometime soon, 2000 maybe?

Its going to be my 5th stay!

(C) Clive.A.Baldwin

 ROVINJ,is in Istrian Croatia