My poem,"BERYL",In memory of my late Father-Reg J.Baldwin(1927-2001)School Teacher(who,from his Childhood until 1966,whilst living in Penhale Road,Eastbourne,gave his "Free-Time" when the Lifeboat was called out-Shore Party.)Also,The Huggetts,The Boniface's,The Hurds,to name but a few,who traditionally made up the Eastbourne LifeBoat Crew!My late Father,sometimes took his camera with him to record the LifeBoat. Published in the Anthology "A Tribute To You",ISBN 1-86226-659-X "BERYL", was once stationed at Eastbourne.


A reported sighting,from afar-like a lighted candle,in an old jam-jar.

 At the Boathouse,up went the flare,

 A Coaster,they say!

 Past the Old Tennis Courts,the Fish Market,we came a running,

From Penhale,Desmond and Channel-View,

 The Huggetts,The Boniface's,The Hurds,to name but a few!

 Stormy Sea,Force 8,Ice Cold,Little Light!

 Heave open those great red doors- the hidey-hole of our trophy -Beryl.

 Some donned their Yellow Skins,and Cork Waist Coats,whilst others pulled on ropes and Chains,moving wooden blocks,we pulled her out!

 No easy way down,via the metal slip-way,whose rollers speed her up,

 The tide's way out!

 Down on boards,we pulled dear Beryl,

 Between the local fishing fleet,beached together,as if asleep!

 Across great shingle banks - making sure her bottom never floundered.

 Waist -deep we were,in this salty English Christmas morning water!

 Her Screws turn,

 We wade to shore,ice forming now on our wetted clothes,

 Home,for a hot cupper,a bath,and a light snack!


 The telephone rang out!

 All were safe,the message said,

So to the beach,between the groynes,to drag her home,we came.

 I took my Camera,to preserve - a moment in history - time!


We All stood still,and waited,as She came in sight - Photo!

 Now calm was this water,in Evening sunlight,

 Attached the winch -cable,grabbed a rope,

Slowly,Slowly - we All pulled her out!

Two local women, Photo! - on a rope,

"Beryl",now safe,outside the Boathouse,we unload,letting our live cargo out - Photo!