"THE LADY OF THE LAKE",was first published in the Anthology "Voice of a Nation",ISBN 1862260583,and is dedicated to the memory of Diana,Princess of Wales,1961-1997.Copies of the Anthology,I understand,were sent to the British Royal Family,and Earl Spencer,by the publishers,and we amateur poets,gave our royalties to Diana's Fund! My poem,has since been published in a local Eastbourne Newspaper in 1998,and read twice on Radio Rovinj,Croatia in July 2001,once in English and once in Croatian!


 In serenity you move with grace,

 In a round,beneath the oak decked ground.

 For you'll be the Lady of the Lake,

 Who'll be remembered,for ever more,

 Thousands,on thousands bring flowers to your door!

 Skylarks,glide the skies,a rising sun to sing,

 A lover's delight,in this new - found Spring.

 Upon which you,your loved one, dance with glee,

 Alone in peace,but with family!


(C)Clive A.Baldwin