My poem "RIVER",first published in 2002 in the Anthology"Such is Life",ISBN 0-7543-2751-5, is about the river MIRNA ,which starts it's life not far from HUM in Croatia,and flows past MOTOVUN,and out eventually to the Adriatic Sea.(The word "Bum"in my poem,is used in the american contents for a Tramp.)


  I started life,a shallow trickle,

Rising from this scorched earth.

  Vines,fig and Olive trees nestle beside me.

  You stand feet displayed in my warm sun -drenched water.

  "What bliss," I hear you murmur.

Above my earthen banks,remains of a past water - mill wheel.

  I bubble past,carving my way through limestone rock,

  Little plunge pools,fish - stocked,press my path,

  Like dimples on a human face.

  Down,over self - made waterfalls I plunge, foaming at my mouth,

I look such an inviting blue!

  Down to the cavern I flow, Then away, passing stalagmites and stalactites,

  I soon lose my warmth and no human form.

  I emerge.

  I'm much bigger now.Thank you.

Carving my way past hill -fort towns,

  Whose Churches ring a single chime,

And hoards of tourists,coach.

  I'm told,I even keep two countries apart,who were once one.

  I pass silently,so not to evoke trouble!

  I feed the populations who stretch my sides,

  Proud I am!

  I'm now tidal,they say.

Webbed -feet paddle,I've got stubble!

Help!I'm losing myself,I'm rumbling out!

I taste all salty,I've lost my famed purity.

  Still,it's been fun,I've carved a crack,

I'm still a "bum",in Mother Earth!

(C)Clive A.Baldwin