From the Anthology "100 Glorious Years"ISBN 1-86226-685-9, to mark Her Majesty,Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, on her 100th Birthday! I received a letter,dated 10th January 2001,from Clarence House,SW1A 1BA, the envelope postage stamp said:-Sandringham House,Norfolk,PE35 6EP.The letter was from Angela Oswald,Lady-in-Waiting,to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.I quote from it,"The Queen Mother,who was glad to learn that you enjoy writing poetry,has read with interest of all you have done during the past twenty odd years,and Her Majesty was pleased to know of the help you have given to others over this period." 

 (However,when the Health Service reached it's 50th Birthday,some years ago now, and before Her Majesty reached her 100th Birthday,I was selected to represent,and went to Westminster Abbey for the Service.I entered not through the front door,to be seated below the Royal Presence,-in this case,HRH Prince Charles,but was given the honour,to enter via the Poet's Corner door,and be seated where all past Poet's of the Kingdom had sat,between The Royals and The Altar!)


You survived through two World Wars,

Your Palace got hit,but fell not too many bits.

That fish bone,got stuck,but then we had the technology,and a bit of luck!

You now walk well, upon "new" hips,

Mind that Corgi Mam, - and no more slips!


I saw you once,with naked eye,

Through the window,I did spy.

Up upon the Battlements, - I did stray,

Dover Castle,it was Warden,on Cinque Ports Day!

So Belated Birthday Wishes,by the time of Print!

(c)Clive A.Baldwin