Too-My Love,was  first written for friends,from Kyrgystan,and later published.I have just (28/12/08)re-located my friend after nearly 12 year's,using the website "FACEBOOK".


The cries of seagulls boyant on thermals high,

Spread across the dunes,east of Rye.

We've eaten the delights,in The Fushing Inn,

Now my love,place your head,upon my chest,and take time,too rest!


I stroke you.

My hands run through your sun-drenched hair,

My lips caress your neck.

A hand drifts toward's your nipples.They like Kent Cherries,plump,red and ripe!

Your body,becomes bepearl'd with dew,

My love,is only for you!


Presents,convey their passion,

No matter what gift,I give too thee.

My Lady,My love is meant,

Please fondly take my lover's part,

Plead the anguish from my broken heart.

Your eyes,lips,breasts are so provoking,

You've lit my fictitious flame,

Let us rekindle our love soon - I say,and I'll be over the moon!

And if our Love and Passion,is as intense as it,is today,

Marry me!

Lullington Church,small,but perfectly formed,

As You,-My Love,My Lady!


(c)Clive A.Baldwin