The Poem,"The Haunted Coast",was first pubished in 1996.Again it is a "fact-based" Poem,and for those who do not know this area of Sussex around Eastbourne,the poem relates to Eastbourne,(The Crumbles,the "Barnhill"a Coaster,)Pevensey Marsh,Wartling,Herstmonceux Castle,(and the Bridle-path,next to it,)Boreham-Street,The Smugglers Wheel Restaurant(now closed at end 2012.)Michelham Priory,near Arlington,-all places found in East-Sussex. The Poem,is my personal best, as it's in the area I enjoy Country walks! The Poem,has also been read by myself,in 2001,on Radio Rovinj,Croatia and a copy of the Anthology,in which it was published,is held the Public Library,also in the City of Rovinj!


The Boilers of "The Barnhill",take a stand,

As monuments,on Captivated sand.

The haunted pebbles reveal their twenties past,

For in the twilight,upon the marsh,

The ghosts,of Irene and Emily,can be seen,too pass!


Through the Kissing-gate, - I walk,

Down the "Blue-Flower",strewn path, - to the pond that feeds,the moat,

And in the still of air,-I breathe,

The Phantom Drummer,beats "Retreat!"


And when "Tall Ships",once past this way,

As sailors carried Booty,from Ship, - to dray,

They say, there's a tunnel that reaches far,

From Wartling Church,to a Boreham-Street Bar!


And in The Gatehouse,on the Priory,

The Grey-Lady,drifts on Candle-light,

And on The Downs,and surrounding Valleys,

The last rays of Sunlight,-pass upon the night!

(c)Clive A.Baldwin